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In addition, as The Menopause Guru, I'm increasingly going out into the community to talk to women who find themselves in the grip of perimenopause or are menopausal and just want to get back to their old selves.   Through this blog I am more widely sharing the issues that arise at these events so I talk about all things menopause: what it is, what you can expect and how you mitigate some of the symptoms. 


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Stress symptoms and the importance of stress awareness

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 5 Nov

International Stress Awareness week runs from the 5th to the 9th of November this year.  The good news is we are being much more transparent about stress and mental health challenges these days.

Lupus – causes, symptoms and treatment

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 24 Oct

It is Lupus Awareness month each October. In this blog post I explain  the causes, symptoms and treatment of this rare disease.

12 ways to protect yourself from back pain

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 8 Oct

It is back care awareness week from October 8th to 12th and I would like to share some tips about protecting that strong and flexible piece of engineering that is your spine.

Calcium quantities in every day food portions

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 1 Oct

Our body needs calcium in order that our bones become hard. Unfortunately our body can't create its own supply so it's vital that calcium is within the foods we eat.

The signs and symptoms of leukaemia

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 20 Sep

September is the Awareness Month for blood cancers. In this post I share the tricky to spot symptoms of Leukaemia by age

The causes, types and treatment of migraine

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Sat 1 Sep

As it is Migraine Awareness Week from September 2nd to 8th, I thought I would talk about migraine causes, migraine types and migraine treatment

7 main HRT myths overturned

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 23 Aug

Like many things medical the treatment of menopause has many myths surrounding it. This is not helped by the sheer amount of information shared over the internet by people who are not necessarily up to date with the latest research..

Should you have a bone density scan?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 9 Aug

The older you get the more likely you are to suffer from bone fractures - a bone density scan could help you identify the early signs of this possibility.

The signs and symptoms of hepatitis

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 17 Jul

There are three different types of Hepatitis, this blog post explains the differences, the similarities and the dangers of it going undiagnosed

Could you have LUTS?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 12 Jul

It is estimated that about one in three men aged over 50 will have an enlarged prostate. I explain the consequences of that in this post.

Talks on menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 4 Jul

"When you hit that stage of life I don’t think you’re ever prepared for the hot flushes, twitchy legs at night, the lack of quality sleep but I had at least heard about them..."

Book Review – The Inflamed Mind

Dr Philip Goodwin on Thu 28 Jun

A new book reveals a game changing link between the body and the mind

How and where to donate blood, hair, breast milk, organs and more!

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 12 Jun

In support of World Donor Day on June 14th I explain 8 ways in which you can help

Skin Cancer – What are the risks and how do we protect ourselves?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 1 Jun

Did you know that the UK incidence of malignant melanoma has increased more than for any other cancer? Here are the signs you need to look out for...

Understanding asthma

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 22 May

Did you know that about 5.4 million people are living with this condition in the UK?  In this post I explain the causes, diagnosis and treatment

Explaining the symptoms of ME or chronic fatigue syndrome

on Tue 8 May

As it's ME Awareness week from the 7th to the 13th May I am writing about this condition which is also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Why you might need genetic testing and counselling and how it is done.

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 24 Apr

To mark DNA day on April 25th I discuss genetic testing and counselling

Helping you to avoid foods which trigger IBS symptoms

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 5 Apr

In step with IBS Awareness month today's post is about food triggers that are generally best avoided. 

Looking at the challenges, diagnosis and treatment of TB

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 23 Mar

In step with World Tuberculosis Day on the 24th March I discuss the condition that many mistakenly believe is a thing of the past

Book Review - Why We Sleep

Dr Philip Goodwin on Thu 15 Mar

In step with World Sleep Day on March 16th Dr Philip Goodwin reviews "Why We Sleep" by author Matthew Walker

The top ten nutrients to nourish your skin health

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 8 Mar

As it's Nutrition and Hydration Week from March 12th to 18th I thought I'd share advice about ten of the most important nutrients for health of our skin

Takayasu Arteritis (TA) - a rare disease

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 28 Feb

Rare Disease Day is held on the last day of February with the aim of raising awareness with policy makers and the public of rare diseases. 

Advice and resources to protect yourself against the risk of cancer.

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 2 Feb

The main causes of cancer and how to protect yourself 

Cervical Cancer Awareness – risks, symptoms and outlook

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 18 Jan

Cervical cancer is the 13th most common cancer in women in this country with Cervical Cancer Prevention week running from January 22nd to the 28th this year.

STiQ Day and sexual health checks

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 8 Jan

STiQ day falls on Jan 14th this year. Launched in 2010, this is designed to get people t6hinking about their sexual health.

Beating bowel cancer – signs, symptoms and treatment

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 14 Dec

As Decembeard – the fundraiser for raising funds to beat bowel cancer - is in full swing I’d like to talk about this beatable and treatable cancer.

The risks, symptoms and types of Lung Cancer

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 27 Nov

This month is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, as this type of cancer is one of our most common I thought I would share some information with you

Are you alcohol aware?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 13 Nov

Run by in partnership with , Alcohol Awareness week is taking place from November 13th to 19th.

Prostate Cancer- risks and possible prevention

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 3 Nov

Dubbed "Movember" this month is Men's Health Awareness month so I thought i'd write about the risks and possible prevention of Prostate Cancer

Losing your teeth – could menopause be part of the problem?

Dr Stephanie Goodman on Mon 30 Oct

The age of menopause often coincides with increased dental health problems. Is that contributory or coincidental?

What are the risk factors for Osteoporosis

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 20 Oct

As the 20th October is World Osteoporosis Day I am playing my part in raising awareness of this condition...

The difference between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 3 Oct

Next week is National Arthritis week and as patients often talk to me about their joint pains and worry that they may have arthritis, I thought it might be helpful to explain a little more about the condition.

Are some menopause symptoms indicators of chronic disease?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 26 Sep

Each September it is Vascular Awareness Month so I'm taking this opportunity to share some latest research

Know your Numbers - blood pressure

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 18 Sep

Are your blood pressure readings normal? It's not something you should take for granted...

What is Fitness?

James McShane, Senior Coach, Perpetual Fitness on Wed 23 Aug

This week Guest Blogger James McShane, Senior Coach at Perpetua Fitness talks about the definition of fitness

Menopause and urinary infections (UTI's)

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 9 Aug

Why you may be more prone to UTI's as you hit menopause

A beginner's guide to menopause and HRT

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 25 Jul

Originally published in the May issue of Wellbeing Escapes Magazine, this article explains about the role of HRT in Menopause

The Menopause and Bloating

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 4 Jul

Yes bloating is often associated with perimenopause and the menopause. Here's why...

The menopause and palpitations

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 29 Jun

Experiencing episodes of short lasting palpitations? Find out if they could be connected with your menopause

Menopause and digestive problems

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 19 Jun

If you are newly experiencing digestive problems as you approach menopause you are not alone. Find out why here... 

Cervical Cancer Awareness

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 8 Jun

As it is cervical cancer awareness week from June 12 to 16th I thought I would cover the subject for you. 

Menopause Symptoms 101

Dr Stephanie Godwin on Thu 25 May

The symptoms of menopause are many and varied and you may not realise at the time that these very disparate conditions are actually connected to a fundamental change in your hormones.

Is brain fog and menopause connected?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 18 May

If you’re wondering whether your forgetfulness,  inability to think clearly or lack of concentration is down to menopause you could be right...

About Asthma – triggers, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 2 May

On World Asthma Day I discuss this long term condition which affects 5 million people in the UK

Can't pout? You're out!

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 26 Apr

I was recently staggered to learn the numbers of young people affected by mental health. Much of this has been attributed to the tyranny of social media

What is Endometriosis?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Sun 23 Apr

Endometriosis is a not uncommon condition causing numerous gynaecological problems including heavy and painful periods.  Read my post to find out more.

The signs and symptoms of Dyspareunia

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 18 Apr

Painful sex is  a surprisingly common problem but most causes of dyspareunia are easy to treat...

World Health Day 2017 concentrates on depression

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 7 Apr

It's World Health Day today and the theme is Depression

Effecting those lifestyle changes (realistically)

Dr Catherine Sykes on Tue 4 Apr

There’s no doubt that good nutrition and small lifestyle changes can help with the menopause. Now, this may sound like simple advice but for most people making a lifestyle change is certainly not easy...

About Vulval itching (pruritis vulvae)

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 27 Mar

Most women will have vulval itching at some point in their lives here are some of the most common causes and some tips to help.

Causes and Treatment of Heart Disease

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 16 Mar

Whilst we can do nothing about age and family history, other heart disease risks are entirely manageable...

What you might feel, see and experience as indicators of poor kidney function

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 9 Mar

Most of us recognise the importance of our kidneys without perhaps fully understanding their role in our body.  So on this, World Kidney Day, I thought I’d explain...

What is the difference between a heart attack and angina?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 23 Feb

Angina is essentially a warning sign that your heart is not getting enough blood

What actually is a heart attack ?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 13 Feb

Heart attacks are not the same as cardiac arrest. Although you may believe these terms are interchangeable they mean different things...

What is high blood pressure and what are the risks?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 2 Feb

What is blood pressure?  What causes it? And what do the measurements actually mean?

Why it's a privilege to be a GP

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 18 Jan

Some of my friends are getting jaded with their careers after 30 years, but I feel really lucky that I still love what I’m doing. There aren’t many jobs where people say thank you every day.

The effects of male menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Thu 5 Jan

More widely accepted in Europe and Australia than in the USA, some health experts still argue about every facet of male menopause - what it it, what to call it, and even whether the condition actually exists.

Loss of Libido during menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Tue 20 Dec

In my specialist areas of both Psychosexual Medicine and Menopause Consultancy I often hear the same question from my female patients abut loss of libido during menopause. That is "Why am I experiencing a lower sex drive?

Exercise and bone density

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 9 Dec

Until we're in our mid twenties we enjoy our key bone-building years - in fact 90% of all the bone you'll ever have has been built by the time we are about 20. However, after 35 the building of our bone density slows and our bone loss increases as part and parcel of our natural ageing

Anti-Ageing - the solution rests with you

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 29 Nov

Anti-ageing is not just about lotions and potions but about lifestyle. Here's my advice about ageing well

How to get more energy

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 15 Nov

Wondering how to get more energy? Research studies have shown that magnesium plays an even greater role in health than was previously thought

Women and the pill (and other contraceptives)

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Fri 4 Nov

When I am speaking to women’s groups the topic of menopause and the pill comes up regularly. So I’d like to begin by saying that just because your fertility starts to decrease from your mid-thirties it’s really not wise to stop using contraception.

Heart attacks in women

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 27 Oct

Why women are likely to be misdiagnosed following a heart attack

Let's talk about sex and vaginal dryness

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Fri 14 Oct

Problems with sex are very common around the time of the menopause and vaginal dryness is one of the main causes.



Could your arthritis symptoms be down to menopause?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Tue 4 Oct

As we get older joint pain is not unusual, so it is easy to miss that it may have been triggered by menopause

Menopause and Osteoporosis

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 29 Sep

The most important long term result of reduced oestrogen levels involves the effects on your skeleton, so in this post I discuss menopause and osteoporosis

Signs, symptoms and treatment of early menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Wed 14 Sep

The diagnosis of premature menopause (Premature Ovarian Insufficiency or POI as we now call it) can be absolutely devastating - especially in a woman whose early menopause comes when she has not yet started or completed her family

Menopause and Hair Loss in Women

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Mon 5 Sep

It's not unusual to notice a change in the volume and condition of your hair as you approach menopause.  hair loss in women typically manifests itself as your parting looking wider, your hairbrush more quickly filled with loose hair and more hair in the drain of your shower tray.

HRT in the News August 2016

on Wed 24 Aug

Despite some rather frightening headlines I would advise no major changes in advice or recommendations

What is Perimenopause?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 10 Aug

Many women only understand about the perimenopause with the great gift of hindsight. In this blog post I discuss the disparate symptoms that can signal perimenopause. 

Prolapsed uterus, prolapsed bladder and prolapsed bowel

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Tue 2 Aug

The combination of a decline in oestrogen and increased age can put post menopausal women at the risk of prolapse

Is there a difference between Bio-identical hormones and other types of HRT

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 29 Jul

Lots of women are asking me about bio-identical hormones.  I want to explain what this means

Anxiety symptoms during your transition to menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 15 Jul

Far too many of us forget how our hormones affect our moods, and getting hormone levels looked at is probably the very last thing women try when trying to address a bewildering variety of anxiety symptoms that seem to come out of the blue

About Menstrual Migraines and the Menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Tue 5 Jul

As your periods become less regular during the perimenopause you may unfortunately find that your migraines are more severe, longer or occur more frequently.

The Menopause and lack of Vitamin D

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Mon 27 Jun

Having good levels of Vitamin D plays a crucial part in our health - here's why...

Menopause and Type 2 diabetes

on Wed 15 Jun

The risks of Type 2 diabetes increase with age and its often diagnosed during menopause. It was already known that oestrogen and progesterone affect how your body cells react to insulin making it more variable and less predictable.  However, recent research appears to have identified more specific links...

Menopause and Acne

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Thu 2 Jun

Let's face it most of us don;t expect to develop acne beyond our teenage years. However, it can happen as you approach menopause through perimenopause. Whatever your age, it's all to do with hormones...

Itchy skin and the menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 26 May

If you were to ask most women to list the symptoms they might experience during perinmenopause and menopause, itchy skin is unlikely to be inlcuded. However, despite the fact that this condition is less well known, it is surprisingly common...

6 ways to tackle menopause weight gain

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Wed 18 May

As if menopause doesn’t bring us enough unwelcome changes the creeping upwards needle on the bathroom scale may be yet another to contend with

All about hot flushes

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Fri 6 May

The two most common symptoms connected with perimenopause and menopause are night sweats and hot flushes.  These affect about 80% of women...

If I take HRT will it cause breast cancer?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Wed 27 Apr

When my patients ask if taking HRT will cause breast cancer I’m able to give them the facts and explain why HRT and breast cancer has been negatively linked in the past - and why they shouldn’t worry about that now.

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