How would you like your menopause?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 7 Aug

Some women do struggle with extremely debilitating symptoms of menopause but there are ways of easing them...

Menopause and Mental Health

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 2 Jul

Is mental health affected by the menopause? I discuss whether this is coincidental, consequential or chemical...

Menopause Specialist – it’s official

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 26 Mar

Having earned an Advanced Menopause Certificate from the British Menopause Society, I am now a specialist in menopause matters

7 main HRT myths overturned

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 23 Aug

Like many things medical the treatment of menopause has many myths surrounding it. This is not helped by the sheer amount of information shared over the internet by people who are not necessarily up to date with the latest research..

Should you have a bone density scan?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 9 Aug

The older you get the more likely you are to suffer from bone fractures - a bone density scan could help you identify the early signs of this possibility.

Talks on menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 4 Jul

"When you hit that stage of life I don’t think you’re ever prepared for the hot flushes, twitchy legs at night, the lack of quality sleep but I had at least heard about them..."

Losing your teeth – could menopause be part of the problem?

Dr Stephanie Goodman on Mon 30 Oct

The age of menopause often coincides with increased dental health problems. Is that contributory or coincidental?

Are some menopause symptoms indicators of chronic disease?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 26 Sep

Each September it is Vascular Awareness Month so I'm taking this opportunity to share some latest research

Menopause and urinary infections (UTI's)

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 9 Aug

Why you may be more prone to UTI's as you hit menopause

A beginner's guide to menopause and HRT

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 25 Jul

Originally published in the May issue of Wellbeing Escapes Magazine, this article explains about the role of HRT in Menopause

The Menopause and Bloating

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Tue 4 Jul

Yes bloating is often associated with perimenopause and the menopause. Here's why...

The menopause and palpitations

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 29 Jun

Experiencing episodes of short lasting palpitations? Find out if they could be connected with your menopause

Menopause and digestive problems

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Mon 19 Jun

If you are newly experiencing digestive problems as you approach menopause you are not alone. Find out why here... 

Is brain fog and menopause connected?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 18 May

If you’re wondering whether your forgetfulness,  inability to think clearly or lack of concentration is down to menopause you could be right...

Effecting those lifestyle changes (realistically)

Dr Catherine Sykes on Tue 4 Apr

There’s no doubt that good nutrition and small lifestyle changes can help with the menopause. Now, this may sound like simple advice but for most people making a lifestyle change is certainly not easy...

Loss of Libido during menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Tue 20 Dec

In my specialist areas of both Psychosexual Medicine and Menopause Consultancy I often hear the same question from my female patients abut loss of libido during menopause. That is "Why am I experiencing a lower sex drive?

Women and the pill (and other contraceptives)

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Fri 4 Nov

When I am speaking to women’s groups the topic of menopause and the pill comes up regularly. So I’d like to begin by saying that just because your fertility starts to decrease from your mid-thirties it’s really not wise to stop using contraception.

Let's talk about sex and vaginal dryness

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Fri 14 Oct

Problems with sex are very common around the time of the menopause and vaginal dryness is one of the main causes.



Could your arthritis symptoms be down to menopause?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Tue 4 Oct

As we get older joint pain is not unusual, so it is easy to miss that it may have been triggered by menopause

Menopause and Osteoporosis

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Thu 29 Sep

The most important long term result of reduced oestrogen levels involves the effects on your skeleton, so in this post I discuss menopause and osteoporosis

Signs, symptoms and treatment of early menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Wed 14 Sep

The diagnosis of premature menopause (Premature Ovarian Insufficiency or POI as we now call it) can be absolutely devastating - especially in a woman whose early menopause comes when she has not yet started or completed her family

Menopause and Hair Loss in Women

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Mon 5 Sep

It's not unusual to notice a change in the volume and condition of your hair as you approach menopause.  hair loss in women typically manifests itself as your parting looking wider, your hairbrush more quickly filled with loose hair and more hair in the drain of your shower tray.

HRT in the News August 2016

on Wed 24 Aug

Despite some rather frightening headlines I would advise no major changes in advice or recommendations

What is Perimenopause?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Wed 10 Aug

Many women only understand about the perimenopause with the great gift of hindsight. In this blog post I discuss the disparate symptoms that can signal perimenopause. 

Prolapsed uterus, prolapsed bladder and prolapsed bowel

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Tue 2 Aug

The combination of a decline in oestrogen and increased age can put post menopausal women at the risk of prolapse

Is there a difference between Bio-identical hormones and other types of HRT

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 29 Jul

Lots of women are asking me about bio-identical hormones.  I want to explain what this means

Anxiety symptoms during your transition to menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin on Fri 15 Jul

Far too many of us forget how our hormones affect our moods, and getting hormone levels looked at is probably the very last thing women try when trying to address a bewildering variety of anxiety symptoms that seem to come out of the blue

About Menstrual Migraines and the Menopause

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Tue 5 Jul

As your periods become less regular during the perimenopause you may unfortunately find that your migraines are more severe, longer or occur more frequently.

The Menopause and lack of Vitamin D

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Mon 27 Jun

Having good levels of Vitamin D plays a crucial part in our health - here's why...

Menopause and Type 2 diabetes

on Wed 15 Jun

The risks of Type 2 diabetes increase with age and its often diagnosed during menopause. It was already known that oestrogen and progesterone affect how your body cells react to insulin making it more variable and less predictable.  However, recent research appears to have identified more specific links...

Menopause and Acne

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Thu 2 Jun

Let's face it most of us don;t expect to develop acne beyond our teenage years. However, it can happen as you approach menopause through perimenopause. Whatever your age, it's all to do with hormones...

6 ways to tackle menopause weight gain

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Wed 18 May

As if menopause doesn’t bring us enough unwelcome changes the creeping upwards needle on the bathroom scale may be yet another to contend with

All about hot flushes

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Fri 6 May

The two most common symptoms connected with perimenopause and menopause are night sweats and hot flushes.  These affect about 80% of women...

If I take HRT will it cause breast cancer?

Dr Stephanie Goodwin, The Menopause Guru on Wed 27 Apr

When my patients ask if taking HRT will cause breast cancer I’m able to give them the facts and explain why HRT and breast cancer has been negatively linked in the past - and why they shouldn’t worry about that now.


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