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The Juvapen for wrinkle softening injections

There’s no doubt about it, wrinkle softening injections are popular but in the hands of less skilled practitioners it can cause noticeable immobility in the face. This is because it’s challenging to be accurate with the administered dose.


The answer is to ensure a more precise method of treatment – something which is possible using the Juvapen which is a mini motorised syringe made to administer precisely the right dosage.  This not only ensures a more natural look, as it has a smaller needle than standard syringes it’s usually less painful too...


Win win win


"I've had injections under my arms before  for excessive sweating but not with Juvapen  and it can bring tears to your eyes! I was really keen to try Juvapen and see if it really is less painful. Wow!  I can honestly say I felt practically nothing at all!  I was amazed. Can't recommend the treatment highly enough"


"I've just had my frown lines treated with the new Juvapen. All you hear is the whir of the mechanism but I don't even think I felt the needle to be honest. It's the tiniest needle I've ever seen. There was no swelling or bruising. I went out and you couldn't tell anything had been done.  Amazing" 


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Youth activating serums

Not just great skincare also a youth activating cream

As a female GP I have both a professional and personal interest in the most effective skincare products and have tried several before deciding on the award-winning brand I now offer. I'm happy to recommend this to my patients concerned about ageing, pigmentation or blemishes for several reasons:


  • It's a world renowned brand recommended by my peers, and with a great track record
  • The company which has solid roots in science which has allowed them to - for example - solve the problem that the most effective anti-ageing ingredients are also some of the most unstable (which then causes the opposite effect!)
  • It provides high quality products with the best ingredients at the right potency
  • It has bespoke products for specific skin conditions which are handmade in small batches within the UK
  • It is non-oily, fast absorbing and moisturises.
  • It has with significant results in about 6 weeks. Fine lines and wrinkles discernibly softened

 Containing no parabens, silicones, alcohol, mineral oil or Phenoxyethanol, you might like to consider the following products if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • Skin Ageing
  • Pigmentation
  • Blemishes
  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Dark Circles



Of course it's possible to look great in the prime of your life! If you would like to order any of the following products please e-mail c[email protected] and she will get in touch for payment.  You can either come in to the practice to collect or we will post them to you for a nominal P & P cost.


"I've bought all sorts of creams in the past but using a cream that has vitamin c and retinol in it really does make a difference.  I can see a marked difference in the texture and quality of my skin. It looks more hydrated, the fine wrinkles are definitely improved and I have a nice glow!  Well worth it"   H.W. 42 

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Recommended Skincare products for you

I've tried several skin care ranges before finding one which I am happy to recommend to my patients... 


Vitamin C Day serum 

As we all know old wives tales are often based on science that is proven more recently and so it is with Vitamin C acting as a skin brightener.  Hands up if your Grandmother used to use half a lemon on the back of her hands to reduce age spots…?

The challenge has been to stabilise the most effective form of Vitamin C which is L-ascorbic-acid but, having combined it with two antioxidant allies, this easily absorbed serum remains fresh and highly potent so that it brightens your skin and improves its texture.


Vitamin A/Retinol Night Serum 

It is said that your skin is at its fastest rejuvenation and renewal process whilst you sleep. Certainly it seems that those who sleep better seem to have a skin with natural vitality.

 To take advantage of this time I recommend this serum which combines Vitamin A with Retinol and helps to combat wrinkles, lines and folds as well as having a pore-minimising effect


Vitamin B5/Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum 

We’re not sure exactly why Vitamin B5 benefits the skin but it has been shown to speed up wound and cut healing and to increase skin strength. It also appears to delay wrinkles and dark spots.

Naturally found in the body, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) acts as a cushioning agent for your joints, nerves, hair, skin and eyes.  The main benefit of applying it topically to the skin as you grow older is that it helps with the natural decline in your body’s ability to produce HA. Its molecules also have the ability to attract and retain more than one thousand times their weight in water!

So this product is perfect for boosting tired dry-feeling skin on your face, neck and décolletage day or night.


Top of the range anti-ageing serum 

So we know that Vitamin A is great for your skin but tends to break down in daylight. We also know that Retinol works well but can cause irritation in some people.

How about a non-oily serum that uses a Vitamin A derived ingredient which is stable, more quickly absorbed, more effective than Retinol and seems to overcome any sensitivity?  How about including the superb hydration properties of hyaluronic acid in that serum too?

Welcome to this top of the range serum which works by increasing your collagen and slowing its break down in the skin.  It also stimulates the production of skin cells for fresher skin.

This product is brilliant for fine lines and smoothing and you can use it twice a day.


SPF 30 invisible sun protection

Adding almost no texture to the skin, the brush on block I offer provides SPF30 protection  against UVA and UVB and can be used by both adults and children all year round. It is resistant to water and to sweat and can be used either over and under makeup.  It is also useful for men with thinning hair.

Light on your face and invisible to the eye, it comes in a convenient self-dispensing brush.


If you would like to order any of the above products please e-mail c[email protected] and she will get in touch for payment.  You can either come in to the practice to collect or we will post them to you for a nominal P & P cost.

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