Treatment Costs

Consultations from the Menopause Guru, London W1

This 45 minute consultation forms the basis of the effective and bespoke management of menopause.

This will include a review of your medical and gynaecological history and family history of  significant illness.

Your weight and blood pressure will also be checked 



Blood tests to be discussed during consultation.  This ranges from baseline hormone tests to a full profile including thyroid tests,

diabetic check, liver and kidney function, cholesterol levels, vitamin D levels and blood profiles for anaemia and iron deficiency

From £90 to £300



Follow up consultation if required: 30 minutes 




3 month review by phone or via skype.



Once established on treatment, patients will be reviewed initially at 6 months and then annually


Annual review consultations include breast examination: 30 minutes


Call for an appointment 020 7935 3351

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Phone: 020 7935 3351
Address: Suite 2, 35a Welbeck Street, London, W1G 8EZ

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